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Friendship Walk SD


Amy Nisen
Maxime Keyson

Committee Members:
Shirley Altman
Linda Becker
Bela Breziner
Laura Bucholtz
Tanya Buresh-Werby
Cherri Cary
Mina Cohen
Robin Held
Pam Jaffe
Karen Silverman
Monica Wolfsheimer

About The Friendship Circle


What is the Friendship Circle?

The Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide programs and support to the families of individuals with special needs. In addition to offering fun social outings and events for families to enjoy, the Friendship Circle provides friendship to individuals with special needs through a network of teen volunteers who want to make a difference. In this way, volunteers discover the impact of selfless giving that will last them a lifetime. 

What is the Friendship Walk?

The annual Friendship Walk is the Friendship Circle's largest fundraiser of the year. Individuals, families, organizations, and businesses unite to show their committed support for a cause that touches the heart of the San Diego community. Again, the  Federation of San Diego is teaming with the Friendship Circle of San Diego in honor of Israel's Day of Independence by offering exciting festivities for everyone to enjoy after the 1 mile walk! Funds raised through this year's walk will greatly benefit the lives of individuals with special needs in San Diego.

Tell me More!

The programs offered through the Friendship Circle are open to everyone. Funding comes primarily from charitable donations from the community. For additional information about Friendship Circle and volunteering, please visit the Friendship Circle website at: www.FriendshipCircleSD.com

Step up for Friendship! Make a Lasting Difference!