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Friendship Walk SD


Amy Nisen
Maxime Keyson

Committee Members:
Shirley Altman
Linda Becker
Bela Breziner
Laura Bucholtz
Tanya Buresh-Werby
Cherri Cary
Mina Cohen
Robin Held
Pam Jaffe
Karen Silverman
Monica Wolfsheimer

Jenny's Story


The Friendship Walk San Diego began as Jenny's Walk in honor of Jenny's memory.

Jenny Poliakoff, a founding volunteer at the Friendship Circle, died tragically May 6, 2007. She became involved with our organization during her senior year in high school, diving immediately into the work, and quickly becoming the ideal teen partner.  She loved the children, always greeting them with a warm friendly smile and a cheerful disposition. A bright and articulate young woman, Jenny was eager and delighted to help anyone in need. Jenny noticed any child standing off to the side at a Friendship Circle event and made sure to get them involved. The joy Jenny took from just being with the children was obvious to all. She looked forward to learning at the training sessions and encouraged others to attend and participate as well. Jenny was genuinely loved and touched by all who knew her.

Elisheva Green

Friendship Circle of SD, CA