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My Friendship Walk SD 2020 Fundraising Page

Olive Benito

Olive Benito

Please help me support Friendship Circle by making a contribution to our fundraiser. Friendship Circle is part of Chabad and supports people with special needs. I attend events every week such as yoga, dance, art, gymnastics, cooking, etc. where I get paired with a special needs buddy. I have made so many friends through the experience and look forward to participating for another year. Your contribution helps the program continue bringing opportunities for us to interact.


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1. GGGranny & Grumps
Wahoo! Wonderful program, wonderful granddaughter, wonderful experience!
2. DSDebby Sandroff
What a great thing you are doing! Hope the activities somehow can be done virtually through this crazy time, proud of you.....
3. clCindy Laegeler
Hope this program continues and can convene in person SOON!
4. SFSue And Arnnie Flank
This seems like a great experience for all involved!